Cycle at Kaikōura

Cycling adventures at and around Kaikōura.

With a variety of scenic rides that suit a range of skill levels, there is something for everyone at Kaikōura; Leisurely pedalling seaside ambles, meandering single track through native bush and quiet country roads. More ambitious riders can climb mountains and high mountain passes. Ocean and mountain backdrops loom around every corner.
Included here are the trails maintained by the KCC and some of our favourite nearby trails.

KCC makes every reasonable effort to provide accurate and up to date information on this website and it is provided here in good faith.
KCC maintains The Kaikōura and Kaiterau Trails only and makes every effort to keep the surface in a good condition. Factors such as weather, spring growth and other events may affect the quality of the trail. There are multiple entry and exit points on the trails and care and attention is required to avoid going off the trail.

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Bring your ideas and have your say.

Since the Kaikōura Cycling Club formation in 2011 a network of trails has come to life in Kaikōura.
Planning, forming and maintaining trails takes manpower, time, materials and financial assistance. Your membership and involvement in the Club helps maintain our existing trails and to progress development of exciting new additions.

The Kaikōura Trail has become a valuable asset and is used by members of the Kaikōura community and visitors, many visitors coming with the sole intention of cycling in the region.

Exciting planned future development of the trail will see it appeal to an even larger audience.

Sign up as a member of the Kaikōura Cycling Club and join the fun!

Rainforest - Valdivian temperate rain forest
Mountain - Mt Fyffe Carpark

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Help us maintain a quality trail network.

The Kaikōura Cycle Trail is maintained solely by volunteer input.
Equipment and materials are often generously loaned and provided by businesses, but we usually require funds for track materials, to maintain our track equipment or for work to be done by contractors.
If you’ve enjoyed riding our trails, you may like to contribute to the upkeep and continued development of our cycling network.

Kaikoura Cycling Club - Cycling
Nature - Tree

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The Trail Team.

Help maintain and make trails.

The Trail Team are a group of motivated, retired Kaikoura folks. They generously volunteer their time, on average five hours each week for trail maintenance and development.
They are mostly cyclists who use the trail regularly and are always aware of current maintenance and repair requirements, and they are continually conjuring up trail improvements.
The Team schedule their work programs and procure the necessary equipment or machinery to do their work, much of this plant generously loaned by businesses.
Scheduled for Monday mornings, they reckon that the work is a social outing and they have a coffee break around 11:00 am.
If you’re interested in being involved, be in contact and we’ll hook you up with them.

The Team welcome all help.

Bike - Road Bike
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